Chip and Joanna Gaines show how to create a festive table without the fuss

/ Source: TODAY

Holiday time is party time!

If you’re hosting a holiday bash this year and are looking for decoration inspiration, Chip and Joanna Gaines have a few ideas. The co-stars of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” stopped by Studio 1A Tuesday to show festive ways to set your holiday table.

"When you're hosting, it's already stressful to cook," Joanna said. "The table needs to be something you do that you're not stressed out about." Here's how to decorate your table without the fuss:

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Use wreaths or greenery as chargers

One of the classiest ways to frame each place setting can be done using one of the most festive decorations: greenery. Chip and Joanna suggest using greenery from your backyard to frame each place setting. Simply start layering branches around the plates and chargers. It's classy, festive and lush.

Make a simple table runner using fresh greenery and pine cones

The use for greenery doesn't stop at place settings. Try making a table runner by laying out fresh greenery with pinecones scattered throughout. Again, Joanna recommends simply layering different types of greenery along the table to get a classic look.

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Add fresh cranberries in water with a candle

To offset all the green, add the other color of the season: red! But do so with class by taking vases or bowls, filling them with water, then adding a few fresh cranberries and a floating candle. The water will actually keep the wax from getting stuck as the candle burns. "It's simple and stunning," Joanna said.