Michelle Obama, Jenna Bush Hager to 'go on the road' for TODAY

Michelle Obama will talk to Jenna Bush Hager for an upcoming TODAY series.

As part of an upcoming series on TODAY focused on body image, Jenna Bush Hager is going to spend some time with the famously fit first lady.

“We’re kicking off a series called Love Your Selfie," Savannah Guthrie announced on Thursday from Sochi, about what to expect from TODAY when the show returns to the United States next week. "This is all about body image and there are a lot of people speaking out about this."

The series will include Cameron Diaz, Maria Shriver, and Michelle Obama. "Jenna, you're going to go on the road with her," Savannah said, of the first lady.

"I am," Jenna confirmed. "We're going to go from Russia to the United States, and be on the road with her."


Win McNamee / Today
Michelle Obama exercises with schoolchildren at Orr Elementary School as part of a ''Let's Move! Active Schools'' event September 5, 2013 in Washington, DC.

Michelle Obama has worked to combat childhood obesity and promote healthy habits through her "Let's Move" initiative, encouraging more activity and better nutrition.

Join in next week, as the #LoveYourSelfie conversation starts on TODAY!