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Russell Brand reflects on 19 years sober: ‘There is hope for all of us’

“I believe in recovery. I believe in you. I believe in our future,” the comedian said in a video.
Russell Brand speaks onstage
The actor shared a heartfelt message for those struggling with addiction.Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Russell Brand reached a major milestone on his sobriety journey.

The British comedian, actor and author posted an inspiring message on his Twitter account Monday in honor of being sober for 19 years.

“It is possible to live differently if you are a drug addict. It is possible to live differently if you are suffering. It is possible to live differently if you live in a twisted and broken culture,” Brand, 46, said at the start of the video. 

While he said his uplifting words might sound “highfalutin” or “impossible” when working alone, he believes they can be achieved through support.

“Collectively, human beings motivated by spirit, willing to change and sacrifice can create wonderful things together,” he shared. 

Brand thanked his fans and added, “I’d like to say to any of you that are suffering from addiction or know anyone suffering from addiction, there is a way out. It is possible.”

He explained, “If someone as crazy and hopeless and lost as I was can become a father and a husband and a member of various communities, committed to service and change, then there is hope for all of us.”

The “Ballers” actor then thanked everyone who took the time to watch his special anniversary message. 

“I believe in recovery. I believe in you. I believe in our future,” he said before ending the video. 

Along with the clip, he also wrote a heartfelt message on Twitter. 

“Today I am 19 years clean and sober,” he tweeted. “Thank you to all the people ahead of me that showed me the way, beside me that hold my hand and behind me that remind me why we all walk this path. Stay free!”

He also shared the post on his Instagram page which was flooded with fans congratulating him on the accomplishment. 

Brand has been very open about becoming sober after using heroin and going to rehab. In 2017, he wrote a book called “Recovery: Freedom from Our Addiction,” about the different types of addiction and what he has struggled with.