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Former GMA host Joan Lunden reveals she has breast cancer

Jamie McCarthy / Today
Former Good Morning America co-host Joan Lunden announced on GMA Tuesday that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and has started chemotherapy treatments.

Joan Lunden, who co-hosted "Good Morning America" for 17 years, revealed on the show Tuesday that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Lunden, 63, revealed the news to host Robin Roberts, who battled breast cancer herself in the past two years, and also on Twitter and Facebook. Lunden co-hosted GMA from 1980 to 1997. 



"I have decided to talk about my breast cancer because since the moment I took the job at Good Morning America I have lived my life sharing my joys and my disappointments with all of you: my pregnancies, my relationships, my career…I have shared my journey," Lunden wrote on her blog. "So it certainly didn’t feel right keeping this part of my journey a secret. 

"Breast cancer is not something to be ashamed of or something that we should feel is taboo to discuss. I’ll admit, even though I’ve shaped my career around health and wellness advocacy, speaking all over the country, and even running a women's wellness camp where I encourage others to share their stories… it took me some time to embrace the idea of coming forward with MY breast cancer journey." 

Lunden, a mother of three daughters, was diagnosed after an ultrasound exam revealed a tumor in her right breast two weeks ago and has already started chemotherapy treatments. Her father was a cancer surgeon who died when she was young but always had a passion to try to save lives and further the cause for a cure, according to her blog. 

"I know I have a challenge ahead of me in this journey, however I have chosen to take it as an opportunity to fulfill my father’s legacy and try to inspire others to protect their health,'' she wrote. 

She is expected to make a full recovery after undergoing a lumpectomy, radiation and chemotherapy. 

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