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Ree Drummond reorganized her fridge and we're amazed

Ever wonder what Ree Drummond keeps in her fridge? She just gave fans an inside look at all her favorite foods.
Ree Drummond on the TODAY show, Oct 18, 2021.
The Pioneer Woman is showing us what an insanely organized fridge looks like.Nathan Congleton / TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

Ree Drummond just filmed herself stocking and organizing her fridge and the videos are oddly fascinating.

In a series of short clips posted to her TikTok, the Pioneer Woman channels TikToker Emily Mariko, who is known for her popular cooking and cleaning videos.

"I’m 52 and I love @emilymariko ❤️," the TV personality captioned her first post.

Mariko doesn't talk very frequently in her cooking videos, and lets her ingredients speak for themselves, relying on the sound that often accompanies culinary adventures (chopping, stirring, etc.) to serve as background noise for her viewers.

Drummond, on the other hand, is used to talking to her followers, but the silent approach was a welcome change of pace for her.

"It’s nice to be in the kitchen and not have to talk for a change! 😂," she wrote.


I’m 52 and I love @emilymariko ❤️It’s nice to be in the kitchen and not have to talk for a change! 😂 Part 2 coming shortly. Thank you, Emily!

♬ original sound - Ree Drummond - Pioneer Woman

In the first video, the cookbook author starts by opening up her fridge and loading in a few of her go-to beverages, including milk, tangerine juice, Grady's cold brew coffee, Brita water and both diet and regular Dr. Pepper.

Up next, she fills up a three-compartment drawer with a bunch of lemons and limes, cheese, and cold cuts, all expertly organized in their own bins. As she shifts her focus to meats, Drummond grabs some small trays to place under individual packs of ground beef, chicken and salmon. Yet another bin is filled with gourmet cheeses, while an accompanying one is loaded with packaged meats like bacon.


I love @emilymariko - Part 2 ❤️ The fridge finish.

♬ original sound - Ree Drummond - Pioneer Woman

Next, Drummond moves onto some fresh greens and starts rinsing off her veggies, wrapping them in paper towel and storing them in plastic bags. Another bin gets loaded with fresh produce ranging from oranges and apples to cucumbers and tomatoes.

The 52-year-old shows off her expert chopping skills as she cuts up a chicken and pops it in the oven. While it's cooking, she whips up some dressings and hummus and loads some odds and ends like butter, olives, yogurt and wine into the fridge. Drummond makes sure to stock up on condiments too like mayo, hot sauce and Dijon mustard.

In a follow up video, the Pioneer Woman shreds her chicken, makes several soups and puts the final touches on her well-organized fridge, then shows it off. Well played, Ree. We're inspired.