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'Insulting' restaurant tipping hack has the internet up in arms — all over again

Is there a proper way to pay props to a server? Most people agree that this viral trick is definitely not it.
/ Source: TODAY

In the restaurant world, is there anything worse than a bad tipper? Try a bad tipper who dangles a few measly dollars in front of servers as an incentive for good service.

At least, that's what the internet has collectively agreed.

On Thursday, Mark Arum, a newscaster for WSB-TV tweeted about a now-viral Facebook post from someone who allegedly boasted about their success using a certain tipping hack.

"As a former waiter, please don't ever do this. Ever," Arum wrote. His recent post has already been retweeted over 500 times and has thousands of comments.

The hack, which resurfaced from major social media uproar back in 2016, involves putting a total of $5 (regardless of how much the bill may be) in singles out on the table upon being seated at a restaurant. Diners are then advised to remove a dollar each time the server makes a mistake — without saying anything. At the end of the meal, what's left is the tip.

"You will receive the best service of your life," the unnamed poster wrote. "The waitress kept looking at it as if she was confused. But she played her cards right, did a great job and received the whole 5 bucks."

The tweet has continued to stir up a slew of emotional comments (many from people who claim to have worked in the service industry). One person even noted that the way someone treats "a waiter" shows his or her true colors.

Many reactions demonstrated personal offense.

One person commented on how this method makes someone who already makes under minimum wage "dance on eggshells."

A tweeter who put himself through college waiting tables wrote he would have ignored anyone who did this trick.

Some people noted this behavior started with some misogyny.

Of course, not everyone is super stingy when it comes to celebrating good restaurant service. Donnie Wahlberg once left $2,000 for his server at a Waffle House in North Carolina. And one hard-working waitress in Washington received $3,000 on a $44 bill.