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Old Bay's 1st hot sauce was so popular that it's already sold out

If you love Old Bay, you probably would have loved the brand's wildly popular spicy sauce.
/ Source: TODAY

If you didn't get Old Bay's latest product while it was hot, you'll have to wait a bit longer. Spice company McCormick announced Wednesday that a limited-edition hot sauce version of its famous seasoning sold out in less than an hour.

"We have fans that get Old Bay tattooed on their body and have Old Bay-themed weddings, so in hindsight, it shouldn't have come as a surprise that the new sauce would sell out so quickly," Laurie Harrsen, the senior director of public relations and consumer communications, told NBC News.

McCormick introduced the Old Bay hot sauce on social media and on its website Wednesday, advertising it as consumers' "new favorite addition for any game-watching event" that could be added to wings, nachos, dips and Bloody Marys.

“OLD BAY Seasoning and hot sauce go together like… Well, OLD BAY and everything” wrote Jill Pratt, a McCormick representative, in a statement on the company's website, where the sauce sold for $3.49.

But the excitement was short-lived when approximately 40 minutes later, the company announced on social media that the sauce was no longer available and that they were working on re-stocking. In the meantime, some people are reselling the sauce for $49.99 on eBay.

Many expressed their disappointment that they weren't able to purchase the sauce before it sold out and are not accepting the recommendation to simply mix Old Bay seasoning into another brand of hot sauce.

Harrsen told NBC News that she wasn't sure when the company would be able to restock the sauce, but assured that it was "working to get more hot sauce ready." Within the next month, the company will start selling the hot sauce at specified retailers.

For some, the Old Bay hot sauce craze is reminding them of their failed attempts to get their hands on the highly coveted Popeyes chicken sandwich, which sold out across the country within a month of its original debut in the summer.