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Hershey says reports of Halloween candy shortage have been greatly exaggerated

Not to worry, sweet-toothed folk: Halloween seems to be safe, after all!

Well, it looks like children everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief: The candy is safe, says Hershey.

On Thursday, Reuters reported that candy conglomerate Hershey said it would fall short of Halloween and holiday season candy supplies this year.

In its report, Reuters said that Hershey CEO Michele Buck spoke of the reasons for the shortage, which include supply chain issues and the ongoing war in the Ukraine, like so many other favorite foods like hummus, Sriracha, mustard and many others.

Many other outlets reported on the shortage, but the news also sent a particularly prescient shockwave through the sweet-tooth community, with many lamenting the supposed shortage on social media.

“I’ve managed to weather every crisis I’ve encountered for the last 3 years, but now I am truly broken,” said one user on Twitter

“The horror!” tweeted another. 

While Buck did speak of the reasons for an anticipated shortage at Hershey's Second Quarter 2022 Earnings question and answer session, according to Hershey, you can breathe a sigh of Twizzler-flavored relief. Hershey actually anticipates growth for its upcoming Halloween and holiday seasons, it said.

“We will have even more seasonal product available to the consumer this year than last year,” a Hershey spokesperson told TODAY Food in an email. “With that noted, we made the decision in the spring (when we start making Halloween products) to focus on everyday products to improve on-shelf availability.”

For lovers of Jolly Ranchers, Hershey Kisses and Reese’s, sugary sweet supplies are seemingly safe, for now. The spokesperson also said that the strategic decision was made “not due to the reasons some outlets are reporting, but rather due to everyday and seasonal production occurring on the same lines and having to balance our everyday and seasonal portfolios."

“As in years past, our everyday, snack size assortment can be applied to seasonal displays if consumers just can’t get enough of our Halloween and Holiday products,” the Hershey spokesperson continued. “Moving forward, with higher inventory levels and more capacity, we believe we’ll be well positioned to deliver for the consumer whether they’re reaching for everyday or seasonal products.”

Anecdotally, there are also Twitter users who are noting that we seem to have enough candy in stores already, anyway. 

“My stores already fully stocked,” said one user on Twitter, with a photo of store shelved abundantly filled with chocolate candy.

Let’s all hope the public doesn’t treat candy bars the same way they treated toilet paper supplies at the start of the pandemic. Breathe. The candy is safe.