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This couple has been married for 53 years and has a weekly burger date night

Every family has its traditions, but here's one that's pretty unique — and delicious.
/ Source: TODAY

Every family has its traditions, but here's one that's pretty unique — and delicious. Heather Daniels, 18, recently posted a tweet that has made thousands of people’s hearts melt: “Every time my grandparents go to In-N-Out together, my grandma takes a pic of my grandpa and texts it to me. I hope to be like them one day.”

Daniels said that she looks forward to getting a photo from her grandma about once a week. “They have been taking the pictures at In-N-Out for a couple of years now,” she told TODAY Food. “I’ve lost count of the number she’s taken!”

The couple has been married for over 53 years and their burger dates have become a weekly tradition. The tradition started because Daniels’ uncle (their son) lives in Washington where there are no In-N-Out Burger joints, so her grandma would send him pictures of the food to make him see what’s he’s missing. “She now uses it as a way to keep in contact with family, which is why she also sends me the photos,” Daniels said.

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Courtesy of Heather Daniels

The family uses the chain fast food restaurant as a meeting point, too. When her uncle and cousins come in from Washington, it’s the first place they go straight from the airport, she said.

“Every single time we go, my grandma never fails to tell us grandchildren the story about the Bible verse that's on the bottom of the cup at In-N-Out,” Daniels said. “No matter how many times she has told it, she has to tell it again. It's so cute!”

Heather Daniels/Twitter

The weekly pictures feature her grandpa posing with his food and drink, smiling from ear to ear. His go-to order is the number two Animal style burger (a mustard-cooked beef patty with lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled onions and secret spread), and her grandma just gets a plain hamburger, Daniels said. “They both get water and they share the fries.”

While the post has been retweeted and liked by many, this isn’t the first time Grandpa’s photo has been adored by the masses. Daniels said her uncle recalls a time when he was presenting at a conference and forgot to turn off his notifications — a photo of his dad at In-N-Out popped up on the screen in front of about 3,000 people. “I had to explain what they were seeing and why and everyone cracked up," he told her.