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Kellogg's gave the Froot Loops mascot a makeover — and fans are not amused

The tropical bird has a psychedelic new beak.
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Toucan Sam, the instantly recognizable mascot who has graced boxes of Froot Loops cereal for decades, has a new look. But fans of the fruity cereal — and a very vocal group of people on social media — really aren't feeling it.

The colorful bird's redesign was first announced in early May, but people are just starting to share their thoughts on Sam's new style.

On May 2, the brand shared a glimpse of the new mascot on Instagram, teasing a more cartoonish appearance to come.

Another short video, released May 6, gave fans a quick peek at the mascot's new look.

Finally, a full illustration was released May 8. Instead of a beak with distinctly colored sections, the new Toucan Sam has a tie-dye beak with neon colors. His formerly cool blue body has been replaced with two jarring turquoise tones. Oddly, the new Toucan Sam also appears to have human teeth. And his eyes, well, they're definitely different.

The backlash has been brewing ever since.

Commenters quickly established a #NotMyToucan campaign, posting their (mostly negative) thoughts about the change.

"Just admit you made a mistake and bring back our friend. It’s ok to make a mistake but fix it!!!" wrote one user.

"This is AWFUL!! Its like bad anime on acid Toucan Sam. Be ashamed," wrote another.

One poster simply wrote, "Why in the world?"

When reached via email, a spokesperson for Kellogg's told TODAY Food that this is not the first time the mascot had been changed.

"We have changed Toucan Sam's appearance throughout the years to keep him up to date and continue to experiment with how this adventurer can best connect to today's culture and the people who love the cereal," they said.

Toucan Sam has been the official mascot of Froot Loops cereal since 1963.

The #NotMyToucan hashtag also reached Twitter, where people shared more thoughts about the mascot's new cartoonish style.

"Why fix whats not broken?" asked one poster. "Even my 3 year old says that the new design looks weird and doesn't like it."

Another joked that their Twitter account would now be "anti-Toucan Sam."

Some illustrators even tried offering up their own redesigned versions of the cereal-loving bird.

The Kellogg's spokesperson would not confirm whether Toucan Sam's current look is here to stay, so at least for now, it looks like Froot Loops lovers will have to endure a slightly radioactive-looking version of the bird they once loved.