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This 89-year-old grandmother says lots of garlic is the key to her longevity

This woman really, really adores the taste of garlic.
Virginia Tashjian loves to pour lots of garlic on her eggs.
Virginia Tashjian loves to pour lots of garlic on her eggs.Courtesy Eddie Doyle
/ Source: TODAY

Some people put hot sauce or ketchup on their eggs, but Virginia Tashjian prefers garlic granules — and not just a pinch. The 89-year-old grandmother likes to douse her scrambled eggs in powdered garlic until they're almost completely covered in a fine, pungent dust — and she swears it's the secret to her longevity.

In an Instagram video posted Wednesday, the Pennsylvania resident can be seen pouring a generous serving of garlic powder over her morning scramble as her family watches in amazement.

"That's insane," Eddie Doyle, one of her grandsons, declares. The octogenarian replies with a witty response: "You're insane. That's what keeps me alive."

Tashjian,who goes by "Mommom" in real life and is known as "Granny" to her adoring fans online, has had a long-lasting love affair with garlic, said Doyle, who runs several social media accounts that profile her hijinks.

"Garlic was always a staple growing up, and I had heard she upped the intake since COVID-19 since it's antiviral and antibacterial," he told TODAY Food.

Doyle knew about Tashjian's garlicky egg breakfast, but this was the first time he witnessed it in person. He said he was thoroughly entertained by the spectacle.

When he shared the video with his Instagram followers, he captioned the post: "She’ll need a mask just for her breath #grannyonthegram #grannygonewild #grandmasgarlic."

Doyle, a comedian and YouTuber, first introduced the world to his sassy grandma in 2019 when he began posting short videos of her musings on everything from food to road rage.

He now runs Instagram, Twitter and TikTok accounts dedicated to his beloved Granny. Doyle, who likes to refer to himself as "Granny's second favorite," said people on social media send him a lot of great comments about his spunky grandmother. Some have even sent her cards and holiday gifts.

In addition to eating lots of garlic, Tashjian enjoys cooking (especially Mediterranean food), taking trips to casinos, reading and drinking cold beers. Over the years, she's also taught her grandson a lot about food.

"She grew up in the Bronx during the Great Depression, and I'm told that's why she lets no food go to waste," Doyle said. "She eats the parts of the turkey that I can't even name — and still yells at me if I'm snacking before dinner out of fear it'll ruin my appetite."

However, Doyle said he thinks that there might be something to his grandmother's willingness to savor everything.

"But the one thing that I think has really made a difference in her health is that she will eat any and every vegetable she can get her hands on. Definitely something I am trying to be better with!" he said.

Doyle said he's had a lot of fun capturing Granny's comedic musings, adding that he's glad he can share all of her quips and funny moments with the world.

"I really hope these videos help encourage other people to spend time with their grandparents or parents or friends," he said. "It's easy to let the little moments pass you by, but I like to think Granny's videos are a reminder that the little moments can be some of the best."