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Yes, baby! Drew Barrymore wants more kids 'right away'

NBC / Today
Drew Barrymore discussed motherhood with Jay Leno.

Her daughter Olive just celebrated her first birthday, but actress Drew Barrymore can't wait to get pregnant again.

When asked by Jay Leno on Monday's "Tonight Show" if she wanted more kids, Barrymore was quick to answer, "Very much. Right away, yes."

Barrymore said she was an only child and while she sees the benefits in that for some families, she was looking forward to a "National Lampoon's Vacation"-inspired family life.

"I want to be the Griswolds," she said. "I want the kids in the back rolling their eyes at mom and dad. I want Rusty and Audrey, theme parks and the whole nine."

She also told Leno that daughter Olive was named because of a baby book reference saying at one point that the developing baby was the size of an olive. She also pointed out that the name is an anagram for "I love," saying, "So that's gotta be auspicious."

Barrymore has a photography book coming in January titled "Find It In Everything," which she said shares photos of heart-shaped images, both natural and otherwise, that she's been taking for over a decade.