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'Real Housewives of Miami' star Joanna: Lisa is 'frustrating for everyone'

What wedding drama? "RHOM" star Joanna Krupa said there was no competition between her and Adriana De Moura because the other woman's not even a soon-to-be bride.

"Real Housewives of Miami" returns Monday, and the claws are already out.

The third-season promo teases wedding warfare between Adriana De Moura and Joanna Krupa, but the former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant told TODAY.com that Lisa Hochstein is her real frenemy on the show this upcoming season.

"Lisa, as usual, is in the middle, trying to be friends with everybody and be the peacekeeper, which was kind of frustrating for everyone," Joanna explained. "That really was the big reason why (she) and I got into a big argument. Lisa really needs to get a job and focus on herself instead of trying to get into everybody's business."

With a cutting reference to Lisa's struggles to conceive, Joanna added, "And maybe a little less partying — she has such an issue with getting pregnant, then maybe cutting down on the partying would help with the health aspect of becoming pregnant. She should focus on herself a little more."

Joanna also complained that Lisa was a killjoy when the other women stripped down at her bachelorette party. "We had some drinks at the pool, had a great time. So why not get topless and have fun? It was just the girls. Lisa was too scaredy-cat to get topless. Usually (she's) the first one to dance on the stripper pole and get wild and crazy when (she goes) out, and here she refused to get topless with (just) the girls around."

As for the season's other "bachelorette"? Adriana was actually already legally married to Frederic Marq — and had been since 2008!

"To me it wasn't a competition," said Joanna, downplaying the feud between the brides-to-be. "It was something very magical for me and something I took very seriously, as opposed to her — she was married for five years!"

She insisted that all of the wedding drama was one-sided. "I guess she was too worried I would copy her wedding, which you know is pretty comical. Why would I copy from somebody who could be my mother? (She's) 15 years older than me. Plus I was too busy working on my fairy-tale wedding."

In fact, she acknowledged most of the conflict originated in her own wedding party. "There definitely was some drama with Lisa and being a bridesmaid because she was just too much into my business. ... So I had a falling out with her because of that."

"This season there's definitely going to be breakups and makeups" among all the women, Joanna said. "There's going to be a lot of changes in friendships and a lot of turmoil."

"Real Housewives of Miami" returns Monday, Aug. 12 at 9 p.m. on Bravo. Let the catfights begin!