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Conspiracy? Blake Shelton silenced on 'The Voice'

"Voice" viewers only saw Blake Shelton's final Battle Rounds contestants in a video montage.

Blake Shelton has coached "The Voice's" past three champions — and he hasn't let anyone forget it. He even taunted fellow coaches Adam Levine, CeeLo Green and Christina Aguilera by whipping out his trio of trophies during the Blind Auditions. 

But on Tuesday's final Battle Rounds, Blake didn't have a chance to exercise his bragging rights. Although two of the six remaining battles were Team Blake, viewers only saw clips of their performances in a short video montage. 

One of them featured Holly Henry, Blake's only four-chair turn of the Blind Auditions — and likely his best chance of making this a four-peat … if she gets more airtime.  

Pity poor Cilla Chan, who — because her blind audition performance was edited as well — made it this far with less than three minutes of airtime to show for it.

And pity us, because the montage meant only a few sound bites from mentor Cher (and hardly any time to marvel over her wig).

Conspiracy? If so, any of the three coaches would have been motivated for a chance to knock Blake down a peg —Adam has already been accused of sabotaging his chair — but let's take a look at who benefited the most. 

That would be CeeLo, the star of the night. First, he pitted his two armed forces vets against each other in the night's first battle, picking Jonny Gray over Shawn Smith. Then he stole Stephanie Anne Johnson from Christina to complete his squad, getting a hug from Stephanie's grandmother in the process. 

How much power does CeeLo really wield? Well, if the show's producers are all wearing red leather jackets next week, you'll know who gave them that early Christmas present and why!

That completed the Battle Rounds. Next week starts the Knockouts, when each coach can use one more steal and — in a move that should please the Internet — Adam is once again clean-shaven.