'Unbelievable!' TODAY fan screams her way through tour with Hoda and Carson

Enthusiastic isn't a strong enough word to describe the fans who got an inside look at TODAY Wednesday morning.

"It was unbelievable," Susan Andersen told while trying desperately to keep her composure. 


She and her daughter Abigail Hamilton from Sachse, Texas, were plucked right off the plaza and found themselves inside the greenroom, where they met the show's guests.

Lots of screams ensued.

Hoda Kotb and Carson Daly introduced the bubbly Texans to TODAY regulars, including Joy Bauer and a shirtless man who is part of her "Six Months To A 6-Pack Challenge." 


"If they would have asked me to take my shirt off, I would have," Susan exclaimed.

Also hanging out in the greenroom was British pop sensation Ellie Golding, who gave the fans backstage passes to her concert on the show.


"I could have not asked for a better senior trip," Abigail told 

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