Spelling Bee! See which TODAY anchor triumphed in Carson's quiz

Spelling isn't a strong suit for ALL of the TODAY anchors. 

That's the primary lesson that came from the Orange Room Wednesday morning as Carson Daly reported on the start of the 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee. 

Carson decided to celebrate the occasion by putting the TODAY anchors to the test, calling for viewers to tweet their suggestions for a TODAY spelling bee.

He then tested each anchor, seeing who could spell their assigned word.

Al was up first, and was asked to spell "onomatopoeia."

@TODAYshow+Onomatopoeia! #OrangeRoom


Al's answer: "Onamonapia" 
Correct spelling: "Onomatopoeia" 

Carson then challenged Matt to tackle the word "idiosyncrasy." Matt opted to ask for a hint.



Matt's answer: "Can I buy a vowel?"
Correct spelling: "Idiosyncrasy" 

Savannah was the only anchor to correctly spell her word, nailing the word "smorgasbord." 



Savannah's answer: "Smorgasbord"
Correct spelling: "Smorgasbord"

Natalie looked as though she would get her word right, but jumbled up the final letters in the word "arrhythmia."



Natalie's answer: "Arrhymthia"
Correct spelling: "Arrhythmia" 

Is there a word that always seems to stump you when it comes to spelling? Let us know on Twitter using #Orange Room.