Natalie and Jenna: We can be the next Thelma and Louise — 'minus the ending'

Natalie Morales and Jenna Bush Hager had a grand ol' time tubing, touring and exploring Cooperstown, New York, Thursday as part of #TODAYTakesOff.

Viewers watched the dynamic duo tour the National Baseball Hall of Fame and try feebly to paddle around Otsego Lake. What you didn't get to see on TV: Their incredibly entertaining — and competitive — time together in the batting cages.

Jenna Bush Hager: As a child, I went with my dad to more than 40 Texas Rangers games a year. He learned early on that he needed to keep me occupied so I didn't beg for cotton candy every few minutes. So at age 7, he taught me how to keep score so I would keep my mouth shut.

Natalie Morales: That may have worked to keep you interested in the game, but it definitely didn't for your skills in the cage! But what I love about you, Jenna, is you have a lot of heart and that's what this game is really all about — giving it your all — even if your all isn't so good.

JBH: Gee thanks, Mom. I’d hate to hear what you say to your kids after their soccer games! Besides, you have a good swing but, I did find your athletic ability Kryptonite.

NatMo: Yes you did! I played softball and was the catcher but somehow I can't seem to throw now! Chalk it up to age and injury.

JBH: So what should we do next? Now that we are on this great adventure series, I'm hooked!

NatMo: We can be the next Thelma and Louise — without the disastrous ending of course! But I have some good ideas if you're willing to go along for the ride with me?

JBH: I'm in. Thelma and Louise minus the ending — and of course include Brad Pitt! Can't wait for our next adventure. 

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Natalie and Jenna face off in Cooperstown’s batting cages

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Natalie and Jenna face off in Cooperstown’s batting cages

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