Facebook's other Casey Anthony speaks out

July 13, 2011 at 11:53 AM ET

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This Casey Anthony would like you to stop harassing him. Please.

Here's what Casey Anthony wants you to know: He's not the Casey Anthony who was acquitted last week of murdering a 2-year-old child. Stop posting hate messages on his Facebook account. Stop calling him. Stop threatening him.

The Darby, Pennsylvania man has gotten hundreds of Facebook friend requests, messages and postings, with people "making comments about the verdict; who am I to take a child’s life,” he told WCAU/NBC Philadelphia reporter Marisa Brahney in an interview (see video below). “And then I’m sitting back like, excuse me? I’m not the Casey Anthony you think.”

Then there were the phone calls; Anthony had his number listed on his Facebook page.

He answered the first few calls that had Florida area codes, he said, but then he stopped: "You got to screen the calls, especially the out-of-town calls."

Making it worse: Two of his sons are also named Casey Anthony. Anthony senior, 43, quickly got to deleting the nasty Facebook comments from the page, lest his sons see those.

"It went from comical and scary to being just outright ... make you mad, you know, because these people don't even know you, they don't have a clue," he said.

Facebook, in a statement to the TV station said, it has a "number of tools for people to prevent unwanted contact. We provide report links across the site, including on friend requests and messages, and have automated systems and a trained team of reviewers to block and warn people who may be violating our policies. This team treats reports of harassing messages as a priority."

Facebook said those who use the site can:

... also use our extensive and granular privacy settings to control who can find them in searches, as well as who can send them friend requests and messages. Finally, people can use our blocking tool to prevent specific people from accessing their profile or contacting them in any way.

While only a small percentage of people will ever experience harassment on Facebook, we're concerned about any abusive behavior and have made these efforts to promote an environment where everyone on Facebook can connect and share comfortably. We encourage those who notice harassment to immediately report it to us.

The social network has certainly been the focus of a lot of hate (and some sympathy) for the notorious Casey Anthony. Among the Facebook pages you can find: "Fry Casey Anthony," "Kill Casey Anthony," "Spay Casey Anthony," "Exile Casey Anthony," "Retry Casey Anthony," "Casey Anthony Haters" and many other pages titled with unprintable words in association with "Casey Anthony."

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