Marie Antoinette's supposed 300-year-old shoes fetch $57K

March 29, 2012 at 11:54 AM ET

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By Jada Wong, Styleite

Someone who had $57,000 to spend on old shoes just bought a pair of silk mules that are believed to have been worn by Marie Antoinette, the Queen consort of Louis XVI, at an auction of French Revolution era artifacts on Saturday, according to AFP.

How can you even tell they belonged to the Austrian-born historical figure? The white shoes are adorned with tricolor ribbons from 1790 and are about a U.S. size 6, the same size Marie Antoinette wore. So they must be hers!

The event's organizers said the shoes may have been worn by Antoinette at national day celebrations on July 14, 1790.

Some people like to collect Louboutins, others Marie-Antoinettes. To each their own, we say.

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