It's a nail polish! It's a perfume! It's both!

July 28, 2011 at 12:22 PM ET

Anthropologie /
Creator Jane Schub intended to create an "edgy, haunting yet powerful scent" into a polish.

If only Mary Catherine Gallagher – the "SNL" Catholic schoolgirl character who liked to smell her own hands – were still on the show today to see her bizarre habit finally pay off.

A new luxury nail polish combines two beauty favorites — nail polish and perfume — into one very attractive bottle. The new “Richly Perverse” by Strangebeautiful translates a powerful and “erotic” fragrance into a clear overcoat that can be applied over any polish. More concentrated than an eau de toilette, the perfume polishfeatures notes of tobacco, leather, tuberose and sandalwood, and is available for $28 at

StrangeBeautiful isn’t the first company to mash up nail polish and scent: Nerds Candy boasts a line inspired by their fruit-flavored candy, while Mattese offers a cocktail-inspired nail scent line. Richly Perverse is different, however, in that it’s an actual perfume.

“We made it with all the same ingredients [as a perfume], but infused into a sheer nail polish” said creator Jane Schub, who teamed up with veteran perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz. “It seemed like a perfect match. Nothing has been done like this before.”

The only problem? Like real perfume, the scent only lasts a day.

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