Cool or kooky? Beyonce blogs wild fan nail art

Generally speaking, Beyonce can do no wrong. But on Sunday, the celebrity mom, 30, posted a peculiar photo of some Jay-Z and Beyonce-inspired nail art to her Tumblr, and we can’t decide if it’s crazy awesome or just plain crazy.

Featuring little cut-out images of the couple’s beautiful visages, and rhinestone initials for J, Z, B, and what seems like an N, the manicure is definitely detailed and over-the-top. The wild nails reportedly belong to DJ Roxy Cottontail, with help from manicurist Naomi Yasuda.

"Well they obviously caught the eyes of Queen Bee herself because she recently blogged them on her site," the New York City-based DJ wrote on her website.

Across the Web, folks have chimed in, with some calling it "epic", while others think it downright creepy.

What do you think? And would you ever wear your nails like this?

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