Biggest Loser

One 'Loser' races from first place to last

Dec. 7, 2010 at 11:05 PM ET

Bret Hartman / NBC /
Ada Wong crushed the marathon on "The Biggest Loser."

After giving both Mark and Brendan the boot last week, the remaining four “Biggest Loser” contestants were immediately sent home to begin the final push before finale night.

That meant players had to face off-ranch challenges with diet and exercise, prepare for a pre-finale marathon, and with the help of emotion-packed highlight reels, reflect on just how far they’ve come.

One might think the personal clip show would be the easiest part by far. One would be wrong — at least where Ada was concerned.

Also watching Ada’s memorable moments of the season so far were her parents, otherwise known as the folks who blamed her for living when two of her brothers didn’t, and who famously refused to send so much as a video “hello” while she was away. There they sat, watching ranch-Ada retell her problems with them onscreen, while sofa-Ada wept nearby.


But, if made-for-TV professions of support -- not to mention Ada’s mother’s endless stream of tears -- are to be believed, it was cathartic, too. So there’s that.

With the emotional backstory all wrapped up, Ada continued to be the one to watch throughout the season’s penultimate episode. After all, as “The Biggest Loser’s” resident track star, Ada was expected to win the big race. She didn’t disappoint. Not only did she finish first, she set a “Loser” record by finishing in just over four and half hours.

Go, Ada!

(Mostly) come to terms with her flawed family? Check! Ace the race? Check! Win the weigh-in? Well ...

Despite the fact that Ada looked amazing, practically appearing to drop pounds with every mile marker she passed, her total weight loss for the six weeks the episode covered only added up to 12 pounds — a great number in the real world, but one that left her trailing Patrick, Frado and even Elizabeth, who also landed below the yellow line.

Ada’s never been in last place before and now her fate comes down to the vote. Good thing for her the alliance -- now made up of just Patrick and Frado -- won’t get a chance to vote off their strongest competition. This time it’s up to viewers to decide who deserves a spot in the finale’s final three.

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