J.J. Abrams: I was never a huge fan of 'Star Trek'

The second "Star Trek" film from director J.J. Abrams will open in theaters Friday, and there's good news for those who are curious about the film but don't necessarily count themselves as fans of the franchise. "Star Trek Into Darkness" works as a standalone.

"You don't need to have seen the other films (or) the original TV show," Abrams insisted during a Monday morning visit to TODAY.

The truth is, the director sympathizes with those who didn't get into the "Star Trek" action earlier. After all, it took making the films to turn him into a fan.

" 'Star Trek' I was never a huge fan of, actually, growing up," he confessed. "But I came to love it working on it."

As for Abrams' next big project, directing another highly anticipated sci-fi sequel, "Star Wars: Episode 7," it won't take any work to warm up to that one.

" 'Star Wars' is something I really did love as a kid," he shared.

Fans and non-fans alike can catch "Star Trek Into Darkness" on May 17. Those waiting for "Star Wars: Episode 7" will have to keep waiting until 2015.