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Ellen's Oscar selfie keeps Internet busy as Grumpy Cat, others go meme crazy 

The masses were impressed enough by Ellen DeGeneres' star-studded selfie that they crippled Twitter on Sunday night, but thankfully the site rebounded in time for the inevitable meme-apolooza that followed.

Because no image is good enough for the Internet until it's had Nicolas Cage or Grumpy Cat Photoshopped into it, the DeGeneres shot took on numerous variations worthy of their own (not-quite-record-setting) re-tweeting.

Take another look at the original. Memorize who's who.



Cage knows a thing or two about taking his face off and moving it somewhere else.


Kevin Spacey was one of the millions to re-tweet DeGeneres' photo, and he gave himself a shout-out for his impressive photobombing skills in the background. If only everyone could pull off that Spacey smirk. 



Or perhaps even better, Spacey's "House of Cards" character Frank Underwood would surely be OK with occupying all of the image's positions of power.



Ellen is clearly amused.



Grumpy Cat, as always, is not.


Bradley Cooper actually took the selfie seen 'round the world. But Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning, the convicted government document leaker, weaseled front and center here.



Toronto Mayor Rob Ford then bumped Manning out of the picture.



Some felt Liza Minnelli was unfairly targeted by one of DeGeneres' jokes in the show's opening. Looks like she gets the last laugh.



"Gravity" took up all of the space previously occupied by Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt and other big stars.



Doge must have smelled the pizza that was being handed out.

Very+selfie +much+oscar wow


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