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Drew Carey injured on ‘Price is Right’ set

His first show hosting “The Price Is Right” hasn’t even taped yet, but Drew Carey has already suffered an on-set injury.

Carey got his arm caught in a rotating apparatus while leading a contestant through playing one of “Price’s” longest-running competitions, the “Grocery Game.”

The “Grocery Game” requires contestants to guess the price of items sold in stores.

The only mechanical device in the game appears to be the cash register, which is often operated by one of the show’s models. Carey got his hand caught in the spinning stage floor, which brings the game into rotation.

In an interview this morning, recently-retired “Price” host Bob Barker told Access that in 35 years, he was never injured on set. He did, however, note that he was occasionally attacked by contestants who would pounce on the silver-haired gent and hug him.