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Daphne faces off against Conda in a 'Biggest Loser' showdown

Feb. 14, 2012 at 10:51 PM ET

Daphne and Conda on "Biggest Loser."

Last week on "The Biggest Loser," Adrian said so long (once again) to the ranch when the red team voted him out of the game after two tense weeks. This week, viewers had a chance to see how his sister, Daphne, took the news. As they might have predicted, she wasn't ready to forgive and forget.

In fact, after the red team -- sans Adrian -- returned from the elimination, Daphne told them just what she thought.

"It just really makes no sense to me," she said. "He lost 9 pounds. He didn't go home because he was a weak link. He went home because others don't like him."

Cut to Conda delivering what just might have been her biggest eye roll to date before claiming that wasn't the reason Adrian went home.

"Percentage-wise, he was at the bottom," she responded.

And that might have been a good excuse for the vote -- not that the players need excuses to vote out whomever they want -- but it sure wasn't an accurate one. Adrian was solidly in the middle of the pack last week. On the red team, Kimmy, Roy and Buddy all weighed below Adrian, percentage-wise.

From there voices were raised, fingers were pointed (well, just Conda's) and looks were given.

"If eyes could kill, there would be people dead in the house right now," Daphne assured.

In that case, then it's a good thing that Daphne and Conda were both soon on their way out of the house.

When host Alison Sweeney explained that this week's twist required the trainers to select one player from their team to go home (with said trainer in tow) for a week and then return with the only weight that would count for his team, both Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince were quick to pick the warring women. What those two, and frankly the entire viewing audience, didn't expect was the fond farewell the women extended to one another. Conda and Daphne actually hugged.

"This is not 'The Biggest Friendship,' " Daphne assured in an aside to the camera. "This is 'The Biggest Loser.' I can't wait to come back here and nail this weigh-in and rub it all in Conda's face."

Whew. That's more like it.

While the women went their separate ways, there was at least one player sorry to see them go -- rather than herself. It seems Chris, whom you may recall was dead set on quitting just a couple of weeks back, was having another in-game crisis. The fact that Bob didn't pick her for the at-home trip left her hurt, angry and whining about his "betrayal."

Unless Bob wanted to join in a weeklong pity party, he made the right call.

Back at their respective homes, Daphne and Conda worked hard for their teams and for themselves. They also showed sides of their lives we hadn't seen before.

Image: The Biggest Loser season 13
Chris Haston
Meet the 20 contestants who are vying not only for the $250,000 grand prize, but to change their lives for the better.

For Daphne, that meant revealing the frightening medical struggles she's endured for years, including a heart-rhythm condition that's had her in and out of emergency rooms 100 times. It's also had her living in fear that she wouldn't survive to see her kids grow up.

For Conda, it meant showing off her family life, complete with the cutest daughter anyone could want. (And if there's anything more adorable than that little girl putting lipstick on snoozing babysitter Dolvett, I haven't seen it.)

When the players returned to the ranch, they learned that one of them had a big advantage. While Daphne and Conda were away, the red team secured a one-pound advantage in the weekly challenge and a one-pound advantage on the scale (for besting the black team, even though their weights wouldn't count toward the official weigh-in). That meant Conda was able to knock a couple of bonus pounds off her total.

That made her nearly unbeatable – nearly. But Conda's 10 pounds down on the scale just couldn't compete with Daphne's 12. So for the third week running, the red team took a trip to the elimination room.

There they decided to put their names on the naughty list permanently by voting out Santa, aka Roy, aka the only one who bonded with Adrian. Coincidence? Not likely.

At least Roy wasn't worried.

"I'm going to fit down those chimneys much better," the now trimmer man said.

What did you think of this week's elimination vote? Was Roy the right choice, or should the reds have considered Conda? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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