Going to the dogs: Two Labs playfully invade soccer match

Jan. 17, 2013 at 1:57 PM ET

A Jan. 12 soccer match between Turkish and German professional teams went to the dogs for a couple of minutes when a pair of Labrador retrievers ran out on the field, stopping the game.

After a long kick by the goalie from Germany's VfR Aalen went sailing to midfield about 52 minutes into the game, the two Labradors scampered on the field together while playing tug-of-war in a cute moment that earned a chuckle from the players. The game was halted and the players took a breather while officials tried to corral the dogs. Video of the lighthearted moment has gotten over 110,000 views on YouTube since it was posted on Jan. 14.

One Vfr Aalen player leaned over to pet both dogs before one of them began darting around on the field. Several players from the Turkish team Galatasaray also gave the dog a playful rub on the ears. Officials chased the dogs around before finally picking them up and carrying them off the field.

VfR went on to win the match, 1-0, after the playful interruption.


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