Your cute kids

Your cute kids: The winter recap, continued

March 8, 2012 at 2:47 PM ET

Courtesy Patricia Cowell /
Keir, 1, is bundled up and loving life.

A while back we asked readers on our TODAY Moms Facebook page to share photos of their kids bundled up and enjoying winter. We got so many great submissions, we had enough for two TODAY Moms posts! (If you missed it, our first post was earlier today.)  As spring is poised to arrive, we take one more look back at your cute kids and their wintry snaps. Thanks for sharing!

Courtesy Allison Richards /
Peyton, 2, enjoys some rare desert snow.
Courtesy Kelly Dobson /
Brenna and Hailee, 6, do a little winter tubing
Courtesy Jennifer Henson /
Bradyn, 3, is all bundled up.
Courtesy Melisa Fixter /
Makenzie and Zachary are joyful in the snow.
Courtesy Patti Demko /
Ben, Kitt and Patch partake in some sledding fun.
Courtesy Erin Goodling /
Alex, 4, not too happy after a faceplant in the snow
Courtesy Linsee Thomas /
Kinley, 14 months, gets cozy in the snow.
Courtesy Chris Lamoureaux /
Ella, 5, enjoying an October blizzard.
Courtesy Megan Prudhomme /
Matisse, 4, is ready to sled
Courtesy Jennifer Armao /
Lorenzo, 4, the little snow plow

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