Hilarious to heartwarming: 7 creative baby announcements

First Savannah welcomed baby Vale, and then Carson welcomed London Rose. But the TODAY baby boom didn't stop there. 

TODAY anchor Jenna Wolfe announced live from the Orange Room Friday that she and partner Stephanie Gosk are expecting their second child.

Jenna and Stephanie's big announcement got us thinking: What are other great ways families have shared the news that they're expecting?

We asked TODAY viewers to share creative ways they've made big baby announcements. The results ranged from adorable to hilarious.

1. The expiration date

2. Ice ice... baby

3. The promotion

4. Exhausted dad

Facebook via Missy Zink
Just like this...

5. Sidewalk chalk

Facebook via Stephanie Storseth
This us how we announced our baby is on the way

6. Safety Pins

Facebook via Charla Nicholson

7. Chucks

Facebook via Amanda Westbrook Needham

Tell us how you shared the news that your family was expecting a new member on Facebook and Twitter using #OrangeRoom. 

Update: We received so many great announcements from TODAY viewers that we decided to keep the list going! Here are more of our favorites:

8. To-do list

Facebook via Kelley Marie Schmidt

9. Coffee

Facebook via Tracie Sayre Parker

10. Eviction notice

Facebook via Amanda Russell Bartholomew

11. The game of Life

Facebook via Rebecca Grim
I set up my game of Life board and used it to make the announcement Also worked really well for the gender reveal!

12. The middle child

Facebook via Katy 'Clements' Gluck

13. Draft day

Facebook via Stefany Hendrickson
We did this to announce our twins.

14. Bump ahead

Facebook via Josie Broders

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