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Larry King: 'I spent a half hour with Snoop Dogg and went home stoned'

May 6, 2014 at 5:25 PM ET

Larry King and Snoop Dogg's "bromance" ranks pretty high on the list of least-expected friendships, but King says the two have been close for years.

In a recent Reddit AMA, King was asked about his relationship with the rapper-turned-reggae artist, and King tweeted his response as well as a photo he took with Snoop Dogg to his 2.5 million followers. 

"What I said about not having to smoke pot in his presence, well because if you're in his presence, you wind up smoking pot because it goes into you by osmosis," King joked. "So I spent a half hour with Snoop Dogg and went home stoned, even though I didn't smoke."

King said that he and Snoop Dogg truly are close, calling him a great musician and father. King added that he will even be incorporated into Snoop Dogg's upcoming tour.

"I'm doing a hologram with him. They're making a hologram of both of us and we're going to go on the road," King said. "(It's for) his tour, that way I can appear without being there. I've done everything in my life and now I'm a hologram. What's left?"

Video: Prolific talk show host Larry King discusses his long bromance with Snoop Dogg and the side effects that accompany hanging out with the rapper, who was a recent guest on his new show “Larry King Now.”

Watch the video to find out why King said he was lucky he had a driver to take him home last time he hung out with Snoop Dogg. 

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