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'World's first wedding bouquet camera' captures more than bride's point of view

Nov. 8, 2012 at 1:11 PM ET

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Everybody knows you're not legally engaged-to-be married unless your totally original, over-the-top, crowdsourced flash-mob proposal gets at least 10,000 views on YouTube ... something like that. But how do you keep the geekery alive come the big day? Answer: A high-def camera wedding bouquet.

Newlywed and professional photographer Ben Horne and his bride Lyubov placed a GoPro HD Hero 2 to capture the point-of-view action during their summer nuptials.

Horne shares the details on his YouTube post of the (thankfully) edited version of the video:

6 months before our wedding, my wife and I decided to hide a GoPro HD Hero 2 video camera in her wedding bouquet. The wide angle first person viewpoint of her walking down the aisle is something we can look back on many years from now. We let it run for much of the day, and captured a lot of great moments. As far as I can tell, this is the first time anyone has put a HD Video camera in a Wedding Bouquet. No one knew it was there unless we pointed out the small black camera lens.

As you can see in the footage, the bouquet really got around, and not just in the hands of the bride. Note how the couple make the effort to capture many different scenes. As well as the bride's view down the aisle, there's the couple exchanging vows (when the maid of honor traditionally holds the bouquet), their first dance, and even an adorable baby guest crawling towards the flowers positioned on the carpet.

And for any impending wedding guests hoping to recoup at least some of the monetary loss that comes with the invitation, please note that at the time of the traditional bouquet toss, that GoPro HD Hero 2 was no longer part of the flying floral arrangement.

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