6 apps, websites that'll make your life easier

Feb. 23, 2012 at 8:25 AM ET

Whether you're looking for inspiration or want to save time, money or both, help is as close as your computer or smartphone.

Here are six newish websites or apps that'll help enhance your life.


The online scrapbook that's taking over the world, Pinterest is the fastest-growing social network in history. Users — of which 90 percent are women — post images with associated links. Lots of food, wedding and lifestyles photos that'll provide inspiration to anyone. TODAY has a strong Pinterest community. Follow us here


Instagram is the popular phone app and social network that allows users to add cool tints to their photos and share them widely. Webstragram brings that to the PC. Users can access all of their Instagram followers' pics or search for any subject they want to gawk at, including so many adorable cats! Find TODAY's account here


With all of the receipts, confirmation codes and tickets, managing the details of vacations can sometimes be as stressful as booking the trip. No longer with TripIt. It keeps all of your emails in one file that syncs to your mobile device. allows you to shop from more than 300 retailers and the purchases will hit your doorstep in one box the following day. The service currently only exists for the Northeast, but is spreading rapidly. And shipping does cost money, but it's great for holiday or back-to-school shopping. 

Download this app and receive automatic notifications if a purchase you've made drops in price in the following days so you can get an adjustment. Their participating retailers include J.Crew, Nine West, Lowe's and many more. The app will also notify you if a purchase you're eyeing drops in price. It's like your own personal shopping assistant! allows users to eliminate the need for printing, scanning and faxing documents that need signatures. That'll make handling permission forms and legal documents much easier.