Help Hoda get to the 2012 London Olympics!

July 10, 2012 at 1:32 PM ET

KLG and Hoda asked their Facebook pals if Hoda should go to the Olympics, and you guys responded roundly that she should, and told us exactly what she should do when she's there.

Many of you have suggested she hang out at a pub, which was weird. Here are some of the other ideas you've given them so far...

  • "She should bring the queen some wine and try and get her to smile." - Karen Zull
  • "I would like her to go to one of the many pastry shops in London and get a behind the scenes look plus show us how they make some those delicious treats." - Mary Temple Giles Stewart
  • "I think she should tackle Hugh Grant." - Barbara Lee

Meanwhile, KLG exhorted fans to rally for the cause. "People wanna see you at the Olympics," she said. "I personally am too busy."

Pastries, wine, Hugh Grant. Got it. Have an idea for her in London that somebody missed? Head on over to our Facebook page. And check out TODAY's Olympics coverage here!

Julieanne Smolinski is a contributor. The last time she was in London she got locked in a bar. 

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