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Video: Royal wedding dress goes on display

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    >> if you were enthrawled by royal's wedding. you will love what's happening in buckingham palace . michelle, good morning to you.

    >> hi, matt. so you remember that royal wedding thing that happened here? well, it's back. kind of. princess catherine's wedding gown is about to go on display expected to draw half million visitors between tomorrow and october. oh, yes, you remember it well. but you haven't seen it like this. catherine's dress still looks like a dream come true even if she's not there to bring it to life. what you can do is stick your face right up and see the delicate lace, every stitch made by hand.

    >> that's so much work. wonderful craftsmanship. i think it will be quite a revelation.

    >> reporter: you see the cascading nine-foot shane, how fine the silk veil is, topped with the tiara loaned by the queen, all 888 diamonds. and another revelation, what did kate wear under her gown? hand-made shoes, of course. high heels . you can see the couple's cake, yes, the actual cake, with only the top three small tiers replaced, and a replica of the bouqu bouquet.

    >> some people thought it was too modest but i thought it was right for her and the drsz.

    >> the dress is tiny up close. it's not that huge of a creation. the size of the room, the ballroom where their wedding rezer reception was held.

    >> what a tiny waist. is this the real dress? elated. i thought it was going to be a bit of a cake dress.

    >> reporter: and its understated elegance has sold over 100,000 advance tickets, more than ever before here. it's all the little things, including the royal family 's incredible faberge collection that you can't see on the big screen .

    >> you see it but you can't touch it, feel it, smell it, unless you're really here.

    >> reporter: just don't try to taste it. as delicious as it all appears.

    >> what kate has done is she's the biggest sensation to hit the royal family in the last 22 years.

    >> reporter: okay. so check this out. it costs $28.53 for admission to get in there. so if they sell out this show, that's $18.3 million that will go toward renovating the palaces, including this one which reportedly pretty much needs it. the royal family can say, thank you, young catherine , for that huge wedding we threw you. matt?

    >> thank you very much, doing the math. michelle, thank you very much.


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