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Video: Bobbie’s buzz on looking chic in the rain

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    >> i could never be a good weather girl .

    >> these came to us courtesy of our girl bobbie thomas! she's here with bobbie's buzz. tell us about the shoes, bobbie girl.

    >> i'm obsessed. it's time for bobbie girl's animations. but melissa's shoes are vegan, they're made of recycleable plastic so they're good for the environment. they're cute, they're comfortable, and this wedge is probably my favorite style. but they smell like bubble gum.

    >> not after you've worn them for an hour, let me tell you. these are the most delicious things in the world. they're waterproof because april showers are already here. another great idea --

    >> how expensive are these?

    >> a little pricey. the little ones are less but the adult pairs range about 100. so they're an investment you'll wear rain or shine .

    >> the little ones say 25 to 70?

    >> and also these are swims. they're shoe covers so you can slip them on. they come like this. you slip them on your heels or your booties. they come in all colors. and there is andrea standing by. andrea is wearing the grow-a-bag. you buy just the bag for 30 cents and you have your hands free to push the baby --

    >> that's adorable.

    >> what colors are there?

    >> just black right now. but go on line to see the no-drip umbrella.

    >> what a great idea!

    >> when you come inside, the water goes everywhere. nobody does it better

    >> still to come, sara is standing by with a crowd full of questions for us.

    >> suzie is here in the green room . we love our susie! we'll be right back. plain rode away on lion's mane. where plain met fruits with strangely names. such wonderful things they did contain. a

TODAY contributor
updated 3/11/2011 11:49:38 AM ET 2011-03-11T16:49:38

With April showers around the corner, March is the perfect month to prepare. Here are a few accessories to help you weather a storm in style:

The Brella Bag
When it's raining and you find yourself doing the bag-baby-dog-umbrella shuffle, the Brella Bag may save the day. An umbrella holder/harness designed to slip on over your head to give you the hands-free ability to do many tasks at once while being protected from the rain or sun, you can use it while shopping, running errands or even golfing. ($22.95, Brellabag.com)

No Drip Umbrellas
Since your umbrella is supposed to keep you dry, it's ironic when you end up soaked trying to collapse it. The No Drip Umbrella aims to solve this problem with a special built-in case that prevents water from dripping everywhere after you're indoors. ($15.99, Amazon.com)

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Melissa Shoes
Plastic fantastic! Fashion truly meets function with these waterproof shoe options. The cool and beyond-comfy styles for him, her and the little ones come in a range of juicy colors and are not only practical, eco-friendly and vegan, but fun! They even smell like bubble gum — giving a whole new meaning to "smell my feet." With amazing collaborations from the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier and more, you'll want to scoop up more than just one style. (Women's and babies', $79-$185, Saks.com; men's, $145, AlterBrooklyn.com)

Swim covers
These sleek modern galoshes act as a stylish solution to protect your boots, heels and flats from rainy-day puddles and melting snow. Swim's City Slippers are great for days when you want to wear your favorite pumps but the weather isn't cooperating. With soft silicon padding inside, extra traction to prevent slipping, and both low and medium cuts to accommodate bows or buckles, the overshoes will fit almost any heel height and thickness. They come in a variety of colors and sizes ranging from XS-L. ($89-$129; 514-904-4463)

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