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Image: David Caruso on "CSI: Miami"
A snitch on the set of "CSI: Miami" says that star David Caruso spits, curses and acts like a "man-child" when filming.
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updated 3/17/2008 10:16:31 PM ET 2008-03-18T02:16:31

Lieutenant Horatio Caine may be Miami’s smoothest lawman, but according to one insider, the actor behind the character is more of a demanding diva. Defamer reports that “CSI: Miami’s” David Caruso stands accused of spitting, cursing and behaving like a tortured “man-child” on set.

“(David) can't walk and talk at the same time (you should see him on stairs), requires dozens of takes for simplest line-readings (which as we all know, he can only do one way) and can't even put his ‘CSI’ gloves on on-camera (always a time cut, just watch),” said a source going by the moniker “OnSetSnitch.”

“Snitch,” who claims to have witnessed production of almost 50 episodes of the hit show, contacted Defamer after the site posted a story about David’s sunglasses-enhanced acting method.

“Caruso is without a doubt, the most tortured, saddest man-child/ actor I've ever seen in over 15 years of movie and TV-making.” The alleged insider went on to say, “He will cuss uncontrollably (often in front of a child actor) and blame everyone but himself for his inability to act. He used to hack up big loogies on the floor of the set, too, until a producer gently reminded him of sanitation and courtesy.”

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Worry over Kate Bosworth’s weight loss
Pals of actress Kate Bosworth are said to be concerned about her recent weight loss. According to Life & Style magazine, the “Superman Returns” actress is down to 105 pounds, but promises friends she’ll fill out her figure “when she gets around to it.”

Slideshow: Celebrity Sightings “Kate’s eating like she’s a runway model, not a busy actress who needs to look healthy during appearances,” a source revealed. “She’s at the point where she consciously picks clothes that distract from how thin she is.”

Aware of the weight-related concerns, Kate blames her busy schedule for her dwindling size. “When friends ask Kate why she’s so skinny, she gives them excuses about how she’s always on these long flights and can’t eat properly,” the insider told Life & Style. “She promises to put on weight when she gets around to it.”

Some friends fear that may not be soon enough. “Kate needs a wake up call; she needs to put on 10 or 15 pounds,” the insider insisted. “It’s scary to see how skinny she really is.”

Dish on the fly
Years ago, while inspired by her Madonna’s Kabbalah faith, Britney Spears had the Hebrew letters Mem, Hey and Shin inked on the back of her neck as a symbol healing. According to Digital Spy, the pop star had a change of heart and decided to spend around $2,000 to have the tat zapped. “When she got the tattoo, Britney was in control of her life and her career,” a source said. “The whole world can see she's lost control, and the tattoo made her feel like a hypocrite.” … When Simon Cowell presented Paula Abdul with a congratulatory gift following the release of her new record, his “American Idol” co-judge almost forgot whom she was dealing with. As the National Enquirer’s Mike Walker reports, Paula loved the digital picture frame her made-for-TV rival gave her — that is until she plugged it in. The device came pre-loaded with 150 snapshots of Simon. “Just great,” Paula moaned. “I'm putting it in my garage because the sight of you always scares my dogs!”

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