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Discover the charm and fun of the state fair — a long-held tradition for states across the farm belt. There, alongside the rides and inevitable fried dough stand, the farming way of life is celebrated. Find out what's going on at your local state fair:

September 14-30
West Springfield, MA

It's not called "The Big E" for no reason! Come and experience the largest fair in the Northeast. You'll enjoy the sights, sounds and mouth-watering aromas of the fall season at The Big E. It's an extravaganza of free performers (Brooke Hogan and Taylor Hicks to name a couple),major exhibits, rides, animals, shopping and foods from around the world.

Want more? "The Big E" features a three show daily European-Style circus with flying trapeze and balancing acts. Let yourself (and hundreds of beads) go at the daily Mardi Gras parade. Immerse yourself in quintessential New England by visiting all six states — at once! Take a stroll along the Avenue of States and you'll see impressive replicas of each New England state's original statehouse; the buildings are sitting on land actually owned by that state.

New York
August 23-September 3
Syracuse, New York

"Gotta be there!" The New York State Fair entertained close to one million fairgoers just last year. What are all these people flocking to see? Agricultural exhibits, thrilling rides, cultural villages, a star-studded concert lineup, animals, exhibits, culinary treats and displays fill the 375 acres of entertainment. Yes, 375 acres! See live performances from the biggest names in entertainment: Hootie & The Blowfish, Linkin Park , My Chemical Romance, and the American Idols Live Enjoy midway rides and skill games. And, most importantly, savor endless amounts of mouth-watering food from around the country.

October 12-November 4
Phoenix, Arizona

It began as a small territorial gathering 123 years ago. Now, well, it's a much different gathering. The Arizona Exposition and State Fair is today one of the best-attended state fairs in the country. Hundreds of thousands of residents from across the state storm the fair each year. They come year after year to enjoy its foods, exhibits, and entertainment. Eat a deep fried Twinkie, pet a pot-bellied pig, and see a great concert all in the same day. Or be a farmer for a day! Kids can learn how to plow, plant and tend to the chickens in a 19,000 sq ft exhibit. Believe me; this is a real day in the life! Ride around in a mini tractor ride, orange pick, harvest vegetables, collect eggs and milk a cow. What else could you want from a state fair?

October 12-21
N. Little Rock, Arkansas

With over 430,000 patrons every year, it's no wonder the Arkansas State Fair is known to be an experience that will "keep you on the edge of your seat." Forget the petting zoo, and stand inches from live sharks swimming in a 7,000-gallon tank! Or watch as a diver jumps in the tank and swims with the most dangerous creature of the sea. Experience live alligator wrestling right in front of your eyes. Hold on tight! The 10-acre midway is filled with carnival rides, games and amusements and a country rodeo. Food is, of course, never ending. If that wasn't enough to heighten your senses, the fair also boasts free concerts, children's shows, and motor sports.

August 2-12
West Allis, Wisconsin
It's that time of year again. Wear your cowboy hat and get country! The Wisconsin State Fair is filled with thousands of animals, foods-on-a-stick, free entertainment stages, and hundreds of heart-pumping carnival rides. Cheer on your favorite potbelly pig as it races for your applause. Watch jumps and bumps at the BMX Park. Or see heart pumping veggie races! You heard me; put your veggie meals on wheels and race to the finish line! Shop 'til you drop, literally, at the 200,000 sq. ft. air-conditioned Expo Center. But, whatever you do, save some cash for a finger-lickin' good cream puff.

1) Alabama
October 19-28
Mobile, Alabama

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2) Colorado
August 24-September 3
Pueblo, Colorado

3) Hawaii
August 27-30
Wailuku, Hawaii

4) Kansas
September 7-16
Hutchinson, Kansas

5) Massachusetts
September 14-30
West Springfield, MA

6) Montana

7) New Mexico
September 7-23
Albuquerque, New Mexico

8) Oklahoma
September 13-23
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

9) South Dakota
August 30-September 3
Huron, South Dakota

10) Virginia
September 27-October 7
Richmond, Virginia

11) Alaska
August 23-Sep 3
Matanuska-Susitna Valley, Alaska

12) Connecticut
(several different fairs)

13) Idaho
August 17-26
Boise, Idaho

14) Kentucky
August 16-26
Louisville, Kentucky

15) Michigan
August 22-September 3
Detroit, Michigan

16) Nebraska
August 24-September 3
Lincoln, Nebraska

17) New York
August 23-September 3
Syracuse, New York
http://www.nysfair.org/fair< http://www.nysfair.org/fair

18) Oregon
August 24-September 1
Salem, Oregon

19) Tennessee
September 7-16
Nashville, Tennessee

20) Washington
August 23-September 3
Monroe, WA

21) Arizona
October 12-November 4
Phoenix, Arizona

22) Delaware

23) Illinois
August 10-19
Springfield, Illinois

23) Louisiana
October 25-November 4
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

25) Minnesota
August 23-September 3
St. Paul, Minnesota

26) Nevada
August 22-26
Reno, Nevada

27) North Carolina
October 12-21
Raleigh, North Carolina

28) Pennsylvania

29) Texas
September 28-August 21
Dallas, Texas

30) West Virginia
August 10-18
Lewisburg, West Virginia

31) Arkansas
October 12-21
N. Little Rock, Arkansas

32) Florida

33) Indiana
August 8-19
Indianapolis, Indiana

34) Maine

35) Mississippi
October 3-14
Jackson, Mississippi

36) New Hampshire
August 30-September 3
Hopkinton, New Hampshire

37) North Dakota

38) Rhode Island
No state fair

39) Utah
September 6-16
Salt Lake City, Utah

40) Wisconsin
August 2-12
West Allis, Wisconsin

41) California
August 17-September 3
Sacramento, California

42) Georgia
September 25-30
Macon, Georgia

43) Iowa
August 9-19
Des Moines, Iowa

44) Maryland
August 24-September 3
Timonium, Maryland

45) Missouri
August 9-19
Sedalia, Missouri

46) New Jersey
August 3-12
Sussex County, New Jersey

47) Ohio
August 1-12
Columbus, Ohio

48) South Carolina
October 10-21
Columbia, South Carolina

49) Vermont

50) Wyoming
August 11-18
Douglas, Wyoming

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