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Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony are reportedly expecting a baby girl.
updated 2/7/2006 3:39:15 AM ET 2006-02-07T08:39:15

Is J. Lo having a baby girl?

Rumors have resurfaced that Jennifer Lopez and her hubby Marc Anthony are expecting a child, but her spokeswoman has denied those rumors. Now, a source tells The Scoop that the diva had an exclusive Los Angeles baby goods store closed down in January for about forty-five minutes and “she went on a shopping spree, buying things for an infant girl.”

Explains the insider: “She had Petit Tresor [an upscale baby-goods store reportedly favored by celebs such as Britney Spears and Katie Holmes] closed down for a while, and she came with some woman, maybe a relative or an assistant, entered through a back entrance, and bought thousands of dollars worth of things for a baby girl.”

A rep for the story Told the Scoop, “We cannot confirm or deny that report.” Lopez’s spokeswoman, when asked about the alleged shopping spree, replied simply, “She’s not pregnant.”

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That, however, is not stopping the operators of a web site devoted to naming the supposedly forthcoming tyke. A rep for NameJLosBaby.com tells us that some of the suggestions have included Paris, Apple, and Jay Low.

The doctor is out
Gary Busey might want to think twice before seeking the services of a Jewish doctor.

The often-troubled actor is starring as a Jewish doctor in a Turkish film some are calling anti-Semitic, and one columnist is urging a boycott of Busey.

“Valley of the Wolves — Iraq” reportedly depicts the slaughter of Turks by U.S. troops and, according to the Associated Press, “vilifies the United States.”  Busey plays a Jewish-American doctor in the Abu Ghraib prison who cuts out prisoners’ organs and sells them to wealthy folks in New York, London and Tel Aviv.

Columnist Debbie Schlussel, writing for Front Page Magazine, is calling for a boycott of both Busey and his co-star Billy Zane, and fumes: “We have a suggestion for all Jewish-American doctors: Since Gary Busey defamed you, refuse him as a patient.”

Notes from all over
2(x)ist, makers of trendy men’s underwear, handed out freebies at the Super Bowl celebrity gift lounge, and is able to answer — at least when it comes to a few celebs — that burning question: boxers or briefs? Jessica Alba picked up boxer briefs for sweetie Cash Warren as well as a pair of square-cut trunks. She also picked up tank tops for herself. Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck walked away with crewneck tees in his team colors — green and blue. Andre “3000” Benjamin went for the boxers, and also some crewneck tees.  Former boybanders Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick also went for boxers.  . . . Comedian Roseanne is defending the Kabbalah Centre against charges that it’s homophobic. Some have blasted the trendy religion, charging that it views homosexuality as a disease, but Roseanne, who has dabbled in Kabbalah, says that’s not true. She thinks. “You can find homophobia anywhere you want to look,” she told the Brit mag Attitude. “I never saw it at the Kabbalah Centre, but they do want people to get married and have children, that’s a big part of it, so it could be. They’re heavy on pushing the reproduction thing, as are all religions.”   . . . White R&B crooner Robin Thicke says he gets stereotyped because of his race. “I believe if I was black nobody would compare me to Justin Timberlake,” Thicke tells the February/March issue of Complex mag. “I feel like, if he’s Michael Jackson, I’m Prince.  He’s an amazing talent and he’s going to be making music for a long time, and so am I. …But sure, when his song came on the radio, I’d say, ‘That mother[bleeper] Where’s my song?’”

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