Feast your eyes: Check out this food photo buffet

Sep. 16, 2011 at 2:07 PM ET

Submitted by Mia Reiter / UGC /
Cinnamon apple donut holes with raspberry lemon dipping sauce

There's nothing like gorgeous food photos to whet your appetite and inspire the culinary adventurer within you. Each week, we showcase some of the best images from readers who've traveled the globe in search of exciting eats or slaved over the stove to make a luscious creation. Send in your photos here and be sure to tell us what makes your picture so interesting -- including where it was taken and a detailed description of the dish.

This week, we went with a smorgasbord of dishes, with no rhyme or reason other than the fact that they looked so good they made us want to lick our computer screen. Enjoy!

Submitted by Kristen Christiansen / UGC /
Refreshing cumin-crusted salmon salad is perfect and refreshing for summer.
Submitted by Megan Pence / UGC /
Make-Your-Own Bacon Vodka Bloody Mary, topped with a blue cheese-stuffed and deep fried olive. Perfect cure for what ails ya. From Fork in Boise, Idaho.
Submitted by Stacy Schmetterer / UGC /
Paella on the aft deck of our boat.
Submitted by Leticia Stryker / UGC /
Homemade raspberry lemon bars with toasted almond crust and topped with raspberry honey sauce, made with homegrown raspberries.
Submitted by Marguerite Brown / UGC /
Grilled corn on the beach in La Jolla, Calif.