Attention readers: Now you can comment your way

Oct. 18, 2011 at 8:24 AM ET

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Here at, we're all about giving you options.

Dear Bites fans,

As you know, our commenting feature on blog posts have been hosted solely on Facebook. But now, we’re giving you the option to share your thoughts without using Facebook.

There are times when you want to shout loud and proud to the world and your network that you made it through a gallon of bacon ice cream (what an achievement!),  and for that, you can log in with your Facebook account and choose to have your comment appear on your wall and on the post. There are other times, when you want to shamefully confess that you ate a gallon of bacon ice cream (you just got dumped) and don’t exactly want your network (where your ex is lurking) to know. For that, you can comment using our Newsvine system.

We hope giving you more options will make your hungrier to share your thoughts on our posts, and yes, we do actually read the comments!