Make room for babies on 'Desperate Housewives'

Jan. 17, 2011 at 11:29 AM ET

Ron Tom / ABC /
Renee (Vanessa Williams) revealed her sweeter side to Bob and Lee this week on "Desperate Housewives."

DeAnn Welker writes: Almost everyone was thinking about babies this week, starting with Gaby and her doll, Princess Valerie. When Carlos got the credit card bill showing she'd spent more than $800 at a doll store, he freaked out that she'd spend so much on their kids. She lied that it was something for Bob and Lee, and it made her feel good, which seemed to make it somewhat OK with him. Until Gaby blabbed to Mrs. McCluskey about her doll, and even invited her and her own childhood doll to tea.

Thankfully, Mrs. McCluskey blabbed to Carlos, who tried to talk some sense into Gaby and get her to go to therapy. Instead, they ended up heading to dinner together with a doll strapped in a car seat. When they accidentally ended up in a bad neighborhood (I'm not sure how it could have any higher of a crime rate than Wisteria, though) and got held up for their car, Gaby freaked about losing her "baby." Carlos told her it's not Grace, and Gaby cried in his arms. The thing about Carlos and Gaby is that they can always sell it, whether it's comedy (which loo-loo stuff with her and her doll was) or pain (when she cried in his arms at the end), so the payoff's so much greater than with many of the other ladies on this show.

Bree had her own baby issues this week, when an old girlfriend of Keith's showed up to tell him she'd had his baby (how many times does someone not know they have a baby in real life compared to on TV?). Lucky for Bree, he wasn't home, so she got the news and promised to deliver it. She asked Keith some vague and loaded questions about wanting kids, and then went back to Amber and told her that Keith thinks it would be better if he doesn't meet Charlie. Then Bree paid her off. Hmmm. I wonder if this will come back to bite Bree.

Bob and Lee's baby (who turns out to be more like a 10-year-old, actually) girl was going to arrive soon, and Renee designed the bedroom. When it turned out perfect, Renee got all wistful about dreaming about her own child. Bob and Lee suddenly realized she had a heart, and brought their daughter to meet her first thing. Then Lee asked Renee if she'd be the woman their girl could talk to when she needs one. Renee agreed, and Lee said he'd tell her to head over to "Old Auntie Renee's." Renee: "If she ever calls me 'Old Auntie,' I will kick her." Turns out wanting a kid doesn't mean you can't still be an ice queen.

Oh, and Susan met a Dick (whose name fit him, until she realized he was just angry at spending so many years waiting) during dialysis, and Paul almost killed Beth until the cops showed him the gun that shot him. By the way he was gazing at a picture of himself and Zach at the end of the episode, I think we can guess Paul knew the gun well -- not because it was his wife's, but because it was his son's.

DeAnn Welker is a writer and editor in Portland, Ore.