'Ice Road Truckers' talk big risks and big rewards

June 13, 2012 at 11:01 AM ET

As anyone who's ever watched a single episode of History's "Ice Road Truckers" already knows, the guys behind the big rigs are part thrill-seekers and part blue-collar businessmen. But what is it that really drives them to risk life and limb to haul their loads across frozen lakes and rivers?

In a new clip, the men in the drivers' seats explain the appeal.

According to Darrell Ward, it's all about "the satisfaction of getting the load there when no one else can."

For Rob "Porkchop" Mangum, the big draw is the reward of a job well done and "knowing you didn't put a scratch on that truck."

But veteran trucker Hugh Rowland looks for a different reward.

"The best feeling from being an ice-road trucker is probably your paycheck!" he said with a laugh. "That's always a good one ... and making sure you come out of there alive."

When asked to sum up the lifestyle in one word, Rowland called it "adventurous," but young driver Austin Wheeler found another way to describe it: "cold."

Can't argue with that.

See more from the arctic-bound big-riggers in this sneak peek for Sunday night's episode:

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