Lindsay Lohan

Even if she clears latest hurdle, Lohan still 'so difficult to work with'

Feb. 23, 2011 at 9:01 AM ET

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Lindsay Lohan is due in court again Wednesday morning to face charges of felony grand theft. The troubled actress will either enter a trial-avoiding plea deal or find out if a judge thinks that she has again violated the terms of her ongoing probation.

Regardless of what the judge decides, some big players in Hollywood -- including the very stylists who might arrange for a $2,500 necklace to be loaned -- have decided that she's too much trouble to work with.

"Sure, you might get some press for a product that you place with her, but at this stage it's impossible to know what kind of press you're going to get," said one publicist who's dealt with Lohan in the past.

Another said that Lohan can be unreliable, too. "She just drops off the map sometimes. If you get her while she's excited about something, then great," said that source. "As soon as she loses interest, forget about it. Meetings get canceled, or more likely, she just stops showing up. There are a lot fewer people who want to work with her now. She's so difficult to work with."

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