Don't miss a moment. 5 most popular TODAY videos in March

April 1, 2011 at 3:37 PM ET

March was a huge month for

We launched a new site, covered crises in Japan and Libya, broke major news about Charlie Sheen, redesigned our tumblr account -- and smashed our previous record of most videos streamed in a single month. 

So much with March going out like a lamb!

Below are the five most popular videos of the month. 

1. Video shows devastating Japan earthquake

March 11: NBC’s Anne Thompson reports on the massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Japan on Friday, igniting fires across the nation and causing a devastating tsunami that threatens Hawaii and the United States’ West Coast.

2. ‘Pops’ had ‘huge wings’ in heaven, boy says

March 21: Colton Burpo, 11, and his parents say the boy visited heaven during a near-death experience, where he sat on Jesus’ lap and met his great-grandfather and the sister his mother miscarried.


3. Sheen to fans: ‘Don’t be worried’

March 1: Troubled actor Charlie Sheen introduces NBC’s Jeff Rossen to the two “goddesses” he is living with and reassures fans that there is nothing to worry about, saying “I will not let you down, trust me.”

4. Death toll rises amid Japan disaster

March 14: Hope is fading as search-and-rescue teams finish a fourth day of desperate efforts in quake- and tsunami-ravaged Northern Japan. Prime Minister Naoto Kan is calling the tragic events the nation’s worst crisis since World War II. Ann Curry reports from Minami Sanriku.

5. Japan earthquake whips up whirlpool

March 11: TODAY’s Ann Curry, Meredith Vieira and Al Roker take a look at stunning video showing a ship caught in the dangerous current of a massive whirlpool in a harbor in northeastern Japan.

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