'King of dad jokes' takes over community center sign, goes viral

Here's how one funny, punny dad put Indian Hills, Colorado (population: 1,197) on the map.


“I call my horse Mayo and sometimes Mayo neighs.”

“I have a nephew who is half-Indian. Ian.”

“Drink wine. It isn’t good to keep things bottled up.”

Those are just some of the messages that have appeared on a community center sign in Indian Hills, Colorado. Credit goes to Vince Rozmiarek, who calls himself “the king of dad jokes.”

When Rozmiarek was put in charge of the letter board in 2011, he played it safe at first. "I used it to announce weddings and birthdays and things like that," he told TODAY Parents.

Courtesy of Vince Rozmiarek
Courtesy of Vince Rozmiarek
Courtesy of Vince Rozmiarek
Courtesy of Vince Rozmiarek

But on April Fools’ Day 2013, the father of three decided to have some fun. It was a decision that would put Indian Hills (population: 1,197) on the map.

“People travel from all over to take pictures in front of the sign,” Rozmiarek revealed, noting that a couple from New Zealand recently invited him to their wedding.

For those who can’t make it to Colorado, there’s a Facebook page devoted to Rozmiarek’s puns. It's not uncommon for a post to rack up thousands of likes in under an hour. Fans also can purchase a calendar featuring some of Rozmiarek’s biggest hits. (All of the revenue goes to the community center.)

Vince Rozmiarek's love of puns has turned him into an internet celebrity. Courtesy of Vince Rozmiarek

Though Rozmiarek has been changing the sign every three days for six years, he doesn’t hesitate when asked about his personal favorite.

“‘Cows have hooves because they lactose,’” he said with a laugh. “Everyone loved that one. Another good one was, ‘To the thief who took my antidepressants: I hope you’re happy.’”

Brooklyn Rozmiarek said she isn’t surprised that her dad has become a viral sensation.

“He’s always liked to play on words,” she told TODAY Parents. “And he’s really, really funny.”

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