Top burgers from around the world

From In-N-Out Burger’s devoted fan base on the West Coast to the stampedes that greet the unveiling of a new Shake Shack, well, anywhere, it is no secret that the hamburger is a beloved part of the American diet. No matter the state or city, visitors are guaranteed to find a delicious, local iteration of this national culinary treasure. And though the United States has been making—and enjoying—burgers for decades, other nations are getting in on the act.

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Grabbing a burger abroad can be a perfect introduction to the flavors and ingredients of a foreign culinary scene in a way that is familiarly delicious. After all, most international burger restaurants are fabulously committed to putting their own stamp on the American delicacy—whether by adopting homemade cooking techniques, sourcing fresh meat from nearby farms, using indigenous ingredients or developing creative flavor partnerships that make for an unexpected result.

In Santiago, Chile, for example, head to La Burguesía and spring for any of the options listed on the menu’s gourmet section. (The avant-garde between-the-bun combinations include the Blue Pear, a crowd-pleaser featuring a topping of bacon, blue cheese and pear.) At the Holyrood 9A in Edinburgh, Scotland, adventurous diners can take a stab at its haggis version for a true Scottish experience. And Flippin’ Burgers in Stockholm, Sweden, takes its local approach seriously while weaving American-burger-joint paraphernalia into its decor.

A good burger—whether traditional, vegetarian or experimental—is a beautiful thing. Chow down on one at these far-flung burger joints that are making their marks on a classic.

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