TODAY will 'Adventure' in Jersey Shore, Christie to join team for interview

Gov. Chris Christie visits the Jersey Shore in 2012.
Gov. Chris Christie visits the Jersey Shore in 2012.Tim Larsen / Today

Update, 5/21: Editor's note: Due to the tornado, Matt, Savannah, Al, Natalie and Willie diverted travel plans and were live from Oklahoma City on Tuesday, May 21.

The TODAY anchors are headed to the Jersey Shore!

Update: To add to the Jersey pride, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will join the TODAY team for an extended sit-down interview, and he will be a part of the ribbon cutting ceremony to open the Jersey Shore for the summer season.

Savannah Guthrie revealed the news about TODAY's Great American Adventure while on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" Monday night.

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Last week, the TODAY anchors revealed that they would all be traveling together for the first time ever. Starting Monday, May 20, the Great American Adventure will take Matt, Savannah, Natalie, Willie and Al from coast to coast, visiting five U.S. destinations in a single week.

The trek begins Monday in Hawaii. The TODAY anchors will then head to Yellowstone National Park (Tuesday), Chicago (Wednesday) and Orlando, Fla., (Thursday) before wrapping up their week on the Jersey Shore, still rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy, on Friday.

And while they're looking forward to kicking off TODAY's Great American Adventure in Hawaii, Savannah joked that shooting a morning show will be a challenge due to the time difference.

"We'll have to do it at like 1 a.m."

Gov. Chris Christie visits the Jersey Shore in 2012.Tim Larsen / Today

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