That's it? Bette Midler tweets photo of tiny pretzels served in first class

Bette Midler's pretzels
Bette Midler via Twitter

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By Joy Jernigan

Even first-class fliers sometimes have it rough. 

While some airlines have lie-flat seats for their VIP customers, airfares have seen the biggest jump in 15 years and most travelers rank flying as only slightly better than waiting in line at the DMV.

And apparently life is not always infinitely better in the front of the plane.

Bette Midler on Tuesday tweeted a photo of the 10 tiny pretzels she says she was served last week in first class on a United Airlines flight, which one Twitter user compared to the size of a "Tic Tac."



United Airlines spokesman Charles Hobart said the airline responded to the singer and actress via Twitter. "We look forward to hearing Ms. Midler’s feedback."



Midler was more than happy to reply.



At least first-class fliers still get food.