Shoeless cop saves TSA agent from homeless woman

shoeless cop saves TSA agent from homeless attack

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By Ben Popken

A shoeless off-duty police officer on Thursday jumped out of the security screening line at Honolulu International Airport and and wrestled a homeless woman to the ground after she attacked a TSA agent.

Security footage shows the homeless woman punching the female TSA agent. The two grappled and the homeless woman put the agent in a headlock and began dragging her.

Then, Justin Rogers, a corporal from the Pinole Police Department in California who was vacationing in Hawaii, vaulted over a security barrier, grabbed the homeless woman from behind and threw her to the ground in a one-armed submission hold.

Within seconds, he subdued the homeless woman and waved his arm freely to the security camera.

Footage shows that by the time Rogers is done restraining the woman, a male TSA agent had only just started to get his leg over the security barrier.

Reports indicate that the woman attacked the TSA agent after being asked to put her cigarette out.

“TSA salutes Pinole, Calif., Police Officer Justin Rogers for his swift actions after coming to the aid of a TSA officer who was being assaulted," said TSA spokesperson Sterling Payne. "Officer Rogers, who was off-duty at the time, witnessed the attack and immediately subdued the individual, preventing further injury to the TSA officer. His actions, coupled with the quick response of airport security, minimized disruptions to the traveling public.”