Mom makes Peru hunt for vacationing son after he stops Facebooking

Couple poses in front of aircraft.
The mother of 25-year-old Garrett Han, center, prompted the Peruvian government to search for her son and his girlfriend, right, after the two stopped posting Facebook updates.Today
By Ben Popken

Freaked out that he hadn't posted to Facebook in over a month, a mother insisted that the Peruvian government find her 25-year-old son, Garrett Han, and his 25-year-old girlfriend, Jamie Neal, who were on a biking trip there there.

Gawker has the incredible write-up of what they call the "world's most embarrassing mom."

Han and Neal were not lost. According to the country's minister of tourism, they were "having a blast — so much so that they have forgotten to communicate with their families."

The couple started out their trip posting pictures and updates to Facebook, but stopped doing so -- along with answering their cellphones and accessing their bank accounts -- once they got way off the grid.

Prodded by the frantic mother, Peru marshaled their forces and promptly located the couple, sat them down at computers in an army base and made them write Facebook updates back home to their parents.

Then, judging by photos released by the tourism bureau, Peru equipped them with white commemorative polo shirts and red hats and fanny packs, no doubt to ensure they'd be easy to spot by hydroplane should they stop posting on Facebook again.

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